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Trained Medical Interpreting Spanish-English

Webb Case Management also offers on site as well as telephonic interpreting services.

Our interpreters are trained on site with our case managers to ensure that the highest level of medical interpreting services is provided.

Our interpreters are held to the highest professional standards and deliver accurately worded communication to all parties and do not attempt to summarize or change wording from any party. Instead, they communicate in real third person fashion to ensure that the provider, injured worker as well as case manager are clear and understood. This ensures proper delivery of recommended care and avoids any delays due to miscommunication.

As with all injured workers, the client is contacted prior to each appointment to confirm attendance and address any needs.


Webb Case Management

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Coverage Area

Field Case Management - We cover the entire state of South Carolina, North Carolina  and Georgia.

Telephonic Case Management is Nation Wide!

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  • The Perfect Fit

    Webb Case Management was founded by a registered nurse with years of experience in the medical field working with occupational health and rehabilitation.

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