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All Case Managers are Registered Nurses

Having experienced Registered Nurses is critical to the handling and proper management of each file.

Early recognition of any abnormalities and identification of possible barriers to rehabilitation prevents unnecessary treatment while making educated recommendations to all parties. The case manager is able to effectively communicate with the providers to ensure the plan of care is effective and progressive assisting the injured worker to return to a pre-injury state in a timely manner.

Our case managers are able to clarify medical procedures, terminology and the purposes for suggested treatment.  We obtain and review all medical reports and documentation and forward them to the involved parties immediately.

Our office staff maintains contact with the case managers in the field to relay information and address all medical needs. We react quickly to the injured worker, providers, employers as well as any other parties.


Webb Case Management

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Coverage Area

Field Case Management - We cover the entire state of South Carolina, North Carolina  and Georgia.

Telephonic Case Management is Nation Wide!

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  • The Perfect Fit

    Webb Case Management was founded by a registered nurse with years of experience in the medical field working with occupational health and rehabilitation.

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